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Ratchet Press

 Traditional ratchet style presses are made with a   pressed steel basin with an enamel coating. The basket staves are made of a hardwood and fastened with chrome plated bolts. Baskets are in 2 pieces for easy disassembly and removal of pomace. Also included are 6 hardwood blocks and two hardwood half-rounds to more efficiently and effectively press   grapes and extend the reach of the ratchet. These presses come with a   removable shaft which has a large nut on the bottom of the basin. The ratchet mechanism allows you to exert more pressure on the grapes than would be possible with a simple screw mechanism. 

WE110 - $479

#30 Basket Press 

Will hold about 80 lbs grapes. 

  • Basket diameter: 12 inches 
  • Basket height: 17 inches
  • Basket capacity: 8 gallons
  • Ship weight: 78 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Fratelli Marchisio (Italy)

WE115 - $579

#35 Basket Press 

Will hold about 125 lbs grapes. 

  • Basket diameter: 14 inches 
  • Basket height: 19 inches
  • Basket capacity: 13 gallons
  • Ship weight: 101 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Fratelli Marchisio (Italy)

WE130 - $700

#40 Basket Press 

Will hold about 170 lbs grapes. 

  • Basket diameter: 16 inches 
  • Basket height: 20.5 inches
  • Basket capacity: 18 gallons
  • Ship weight: 145 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Fratelli Marchisio (Italy)

WE135 - $780

#45 Basket Press 

Will hold about 250 lbs grapes. 

  • Basket diameter: 18 inches 
  • Basket height: 24 inches
  • Basket capacity: 22 gallons
  • Ship weight: 189 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Fratelli Marchisio (Italy)

WE138 - $975

#50 Basket Press 

Will hold about 400 lbs grapes. 

  • Basket diameter: 20 inches 
  • Basket height: 60 inches
  • Basket capacity: 34 gallons
  • Ship weight: 297 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Fratelli Marchisio (Italy)

WE138B - $1149

#55 Basket Press 

Will hold about 650 lbs grapes. 

  • Basket diameter: 22 inches 
  • Basket height: 65 inches
  • Basket capacity: 45 gallons
  • Ship weight: 375 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Fratelli Marchisio (Italy)



Bladder Press


Speidel water bladder presses are top of the line, with quality manufacturing and attractive features. Speidel was the original manufacturer of the bladder   press. While similar to the Italian models in operation, Speidel offers a   few quality upgrades. To obtain a better press Speidel uses a slotted screen, similar to what is offered on large commercial presses, instead of a   screen with circular perforations. Speidel presses also offer superior  hardware and a recessed valve assembly (to reduce accidental breakage). Water bladder presses are easy to use, they get better   juice extraction than ratchet style presses, and are more gentle on the   fruit.

Uses: Water bladder presses are ideal for pressing grapes, and were originally designed for pressing apple with optimal extraction. They have also been used for herbal tinctures, de-watering marinated vegetables,  pressing honeycomb, and many other applications. 1 Year Warranty on all parts!  

Stainless Steel baskets. Painted steel base and lid.

Speidel water bladder presses include:

  • Complete press assembly
  • Inner mesh bag (to keep fruit from getting in  the stainless basket and make cleanup easier)
  • Plastic "spray-protection bag" to keep juice from squirting out
  • Fittings to connect garden hose
  • Instruction manual
  • Presses ship in a corrugated box. Minor assembly (attaching legs) is required before use
  • Download Speidel water bladder press manual

GER101 - $900  5 Gallon/20 Liter Basket Capacity. Will hold about 50 lbs grapes. 

  • Basket height: 11"
  • Overall height: 33"
  • Actual weight: 33 pounds
  • Extra Inner Sack $55, Extra outer Sack $55, Extra Bladder $125 

GER102s - $1,399  11 Gallon/40 Liter Basket Capacity. Stainless. Will hold about 80 lbs grapes. 

  • Basket height: 18.5"
  • Overall height: 37"
  • Actual weight: 58 pounds
  • Extra Inner Sack $55, Extra outer Sack $55, Extra Bladder $135 

GER104 - $1,399  24 Gallon/90 Liter Basket Capacity. Will hold about 175 lbs grapes. 

  • Basket height: 23.5"
  • Overall height: 42.5"
  • Actual weight: 91 pounds
  • Extra Inner Sack $75, Extra outer Sack $75, Extra Bladder $165 

GER106 - $2,950  48 Gallon/180 Liter Basket Capacity. Will hold about 450 lbs grapes.  Comes with a tilt-able stand for easy cleaning.

  • Basket height: 34"
  • Overall height: 52"
  • Actual weight: 212 pounds
  • Extra Inner Sack $100, Extra outer Sack $100, Extra Bladder $200 


The Extra Bladder is highly recommended.

Sure, you may never break the original one. But, oddly enough, they only break
while you're using them. And, the importer doesn't always carry spares.




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