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Quantities of these super-premium varietals  are very limited,  

and we sell out very fast  every year!

Ultimate care is taken to bring to you the finest example of each variety. 

The micro-climate, the clonal selection, and the professionalism 

of the grower are mutually important. 

The Price of your order includes:

  •  The finest grapes and their transport to Camarillo (Camarillo Custom Crush Winery ).
  • Use of our professional  De-stemmer & Sorting Table (at The Winery,  Camarillo) &  Press (at The Shop, Woodland Hills)    
  • Step-by-step instructions.
  • French yeast cultures and MLF culture.
  • Acid/pH/SO2 adjustments at crush.
  • The Grape Help Hot-Line (818-884-8586).  
  • "Post-Crush Consultations" to check and advise about taste, smell,  pH, and completion of MLF.
  • Plus personalized, professional assistance and a lot of concerned hand holding so that you will make fine wine!

Below you can see the varietals we offer and information on the vineyards

 from which we will be acquiring them...but first, read "The Rules of the Harvest".

Before you send in your order you must read the Rules of the Harvest lower on the page!

 We have a very specific way of getting you your premium grapes and we need you to understand the process for things to go smoothly!  You can e-mail your FILLED OUT ORDER FORM to 


To pick up your grapes you must:

When nature says the grapes are ready then that is when they are ready! We will be emailing you notifications, as we receive them from the grower, on the status and expected dates of the harvest. 

When they are picked, you or someone in your place, must pick up the grapes from the Camarillo Custom Crush. We will not issue refunds for no-shows. If you are going to be out of town you may send someone with a container to pick up your juice or crushed grapes for you. There will be plenty of help at the winery to make sure everything goes smoothly. If you foresee a problem on the horizon,you may call us and we will do everything we reasonably can to accommodate you.

What to expect when you pick up your grapes?

  • This will be fun! You will be mingling with fellow wine makers so, feel free to bring wine and snacks to share! You will, if you would like, help to sort, crush and de-stem the grapes with the winery's equipment.
  • You will need to bring a container for your grapes. If picking up crushed grapes, you will need a 20 gallon bucket for every 100-150 lbs. If picking up white juice, bring a plastic bucket or carboy.
  •                              NO GLASS CONTAINERS ALLOWED ON THE WINERY FLOOR!
  •  We take a 50% deposit at the time of your order. If paying by credit you will be charged the balance a day or two before pick up with the card you gave us. If you wish to pay your balance another way you can pay at pick up in the form of  Check or EXACT cash. 
  • Please also note that you should wear non-skid shoes and casual clothes that may or may not get a little grape juice on them!

Handy articles to read before your grapes arrive


Here is the secection you have to choose from this year. (2019)


  • CHARDONNAY - L & L/Santa Barbara County-$26/GALLON
  • SAUVIGNON BLANC - L & L/Santa Barbara County-$26/GALLON
  • CABERNET SAUVIGNON - Templeton Gap/Paso Robles-$2.50/lb
  • MERLOT - Templeton Gap/Paso Robles-$2.50/lb
  • CABERNET FRANC - Templeton Gap/Paso Robles-$2.50/lb
  • PETITE VERDOT - Templeton Gap/Paso Robles-$2.50/lb
  • MALBEC - Templeton Gap/Paso Robles-$2.50/lb
  • SANGIOVESE - L & L/Santa Barbara County-$2.50/LB
  • TANNAT - Templeton Gap/Paso Robles-$2.50/lb
  • ZINFANDEL - Templeton Gap/Paso Robles-$2.50/lb
  • SYRAH - L & L/Santa Barbara County-$2.50/LB
  • SYRAH - P.C.V./Santa Barbara County-$3.00/LB
  • PETITE SIRAH - Templeton Gap/Paso Robles-$2.50/lb

Minimum Order:  100 lbs GRAPES or 6 gallons JUICE. 

Varieties may be combined to reach the minimums.

50% Deposit due with order.

  • 500 lbs Grapes and/or 35 gallons Juice = 5% DISCOUNT
  • 1000 lbs or 70 gallons = 10% DISCOUNT
  • 2000 lbs or 140 gallons = 15% DISCOUNT

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Lucas & Lewellen Vineyard


   L&L Vineyards,  Los Alamos Valley, Santa Barbara County 

Stretching for over a mile of Highway 101 frontage just south of the town of Los Alamos, these vineyards are home to over 20 varieties of grapes, representing the principal varieties of the Rhône, Burgundy and Bordeaux regions of France, as well as  Italian varieties.  With some of the vines planted from cuttings brought over from Europe over 25 years ago, these vineyards have long been a favorite source for many of California's most acclaimed wineries.

CHARDONNAY - The Los Alamos region of cool Santa Barbara County, produces a Chardonnay  with an array of ripe fruit aromas, including jasmine, green apple, citrus, guava, and orange peel, finishing delightfully crisp and lingering. This wine has distinct pear, peach and stone fruit complexity with a hint of lemony-citrus.

Arrives as pre-settled juice. 

SAUVIGNON BLANC - Your Sauvignon Blanc will be delicious with its notes of bright stone fruit, peach, apricot, and nectarine and a hint of traditional grassiness. 

Tropical guava and pineapple aromas and flavors of  juicy white peaches 

and Meyer lemon that linger on the pretty finish.  

Arrives as pre-settled juice.  

SYRAH -  Your wine will be hand-picked from the Los Alamos Vineyard  resulting in a Rhone-like Syrah with dark,  rich, abundant flavors and a smooth graceful mouth-feel.

SANGIOVESE -  Sangiovese  is the most widely planted grape variety in Italy. It is a fruity red  wine with aromas of wild berries and dried herbs. Like a great Chianti,  it is dry and extremely versatile when pairing with food.

 Before you send in your order you must read the Rules of the Harvest higher on the page! 

We have a very specific way of getting you your premium grapes and we need you to understand the process for things to go smoothly!  You can e-mail your FILLED OUT ORDER FORM to 


Victor Hugo Winery


 A high-walled wind channel that is also the route of Highway 46 West. Templeton Gap winds reach far into the east side of lower Paso Robles, bringing cool oceanic influence and moisture into areas that would otherwise be sheltered by a madman’s maze of stone. Rare Limestone outcroppings add a mineral definition to it's grape varietals. Low tonnage per acre, the chalky soils, the Gap's cool climate should give you wines rich in flavor, with distinct varietal character and a pleasing drinkability.

All of out Templeton Gap grape varietals come from Vic Roberts of

  Victor Hugo Vineyards and Winery 

This one of the oldest and most respected wineries in The Gap.

CABERNET SAUVIGNON  - with The Templeton Gap District's  cooler climate and rare chalky soil, these grapes retain the elegant and elusive varietal character that is usually cooked out in warmer micro-climates. Your wine should be rich, refined, with lingering flavors and

 lovely dark cherry / violet / coffee highlights.

MERLOT -  Expect intense aromas of bing cherries and spices. Barrel aging adds a background of spicy oak. The layers of complex, supple tannins, interlock with the rich oak flavors, giving a long, intense finish.

MALBEC -  Hints of lavender, wild sage and Santa Rosa plum are intertwined with dusty/spicy oak. Flavors are balanced and rich, with layers of pleasantly assertive tannins overlaid with hints of oak. The finish is rich and lush which enables additional aging.

PETIT VERDOT - Dark ruby richness with bright flavors of Cherry Pie and Spices. Intense aromas of crushed violets and unsweetened chocolate. Wisps of exotic floral notes, complemented by oak aging. Layers of large, firm tannins interlock with complex oak tannins for a long, elegant finish.

CABERNET FRANC -  Rich bodied flavors of blackberry with hints of cranberries. Brings out the earthy richness in Bordeaux-style blends.

ZINFANDEL -  Rich in flavor but elegant.  Vibrant berry flavors with notes of raspberry and blackberries. 

TANNAT -   Contains a delightful aroma profile best described as spicy, finished  with ripe red fruit and floral highlights. Fresh ground white pepper and  crushed fresh thyme predominate with lush red fruit notes in the  background. This wine is a mouthful with an elegant sufficiency of rich  tannins and toasty oak followed by an extended, rich finish. 

PETITE SIRAH - A delightful aroma profile best described as “spice rack”  meets ripe plums.  Fresh ground black pepper, bay leaf and clove  predominate with rich plum notes in the background.  This wine is a  mouthful with an elegant sufficiency of tannins and toasty oak followed  by an extended, rich finish.         

 Before you send in your order you must read the Rules of the Harvest higher on the page! 

We have a very specific way of getting you your premium grapes and we need you to understand the process for things to go smoothly!  You can e-mail your FILLED OUT ORDER FORM to 



P.C.V. LOS ALAMOS SYRAH (Santa Barbara County):  Expect top quality from this Premiere Coastal Vineyard, Block 22 (very low tonnage/top quality). Located in the gentle rolling hills above the cool Los Alamos Valley, this special, low yield, reserve block, sunny hillside exposure;  sandy well-drained soil; and a long, slow growing season. This is exceptional, refined fruit for making wine with velvet-like tannins, max intensity of blackberry/blueberry fruit, and a rich lingering mouthfeel. Total PCV Syrah availability is only 1.5 tons!

Before you send in your order you must read the Rules of the Harvest higher on the page!
We have a very specific way of getting you your premium grapes and we need you to understand the process for things to go smoothly!  

You can e-mail your FILLED OUT ORDER FORM to