We import our barrels directly from the best French coopers of small barrels.

They are "Center of France", 24 Months Air-Dried, "Medium Plus," fire toasted, for those lovely, sweet vanillin, spicy, toasty flavors.

We have your premium French oak barrels in stock, and ready to supply you!

We No Longer Stock American Oak Barrels!. No reason other than they, unlike French Barrels, dry out rapidly on our sales floor. This makes them very difficult to re-hydrate and to make them ready for sale to you. Want American Oak? Go to Gibbs Brothers Cooperage, Hot Springs, AK and order them direct. They'll be just made, water tight, and ready to use.

"What Size Barrel Should I Get?"  You'll need 3 - 4 times the wine volume, the first year. First year barrels, will oak four (4) times their volume, the first year. At least twice their volume, the second year. Just their volume the third year. (So, with a new 50L/13.2 gallon barrel, you'll need ~50 gallons of wine. Rotate out the oaked volume into glass/stainless, and re-fill with non-oaked wine. DO NOT OVEROAK ANY PART OF THE TOTAL VOLUME! It takes a lot of un-oaked wine to balance out over-oaked wine.

Try not to have barrels empty of wine, at any time!  The very best way to keep your barrel sound/bacterial free, is to keep it full of your wine (without over-oaking the wine). Everytime that you remove the bung, breaking the vacuum, Top Up Your Barrel! Top monthly, more often with smaller barrels.

What if I can't keep my barrel full of wine?  Barrels smaller than 110L/30 gallons, will need to be filled with an acid/SO2 solution and topped just like it is full of wine. Unfortunately, you are pouring out all that lovely barrel flavor when emptying. For more details, see "How to Store Empty Barrels", below.

Not enough wine to justify buying a new barrel?  Try our Stavin, fire-toasted French oak "beans" and Staves. As close to duplicating a new barrel as possible.

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Updated on 10-14-17

Barrel size:

Liters /


Shipping Weight
(The dimensions of the box will affect the Shipping Rate)
Sorry, our low, direct from the cooper prices, leave no room for club discounts!

Barrel $ and Availability

"Medium + Toast" adds rich flavors of sweet oak, toast, vanilla, and spice.

This Vernou "house toast" is just exquisite!
20 Liter /
5.3 Gallon

 Vernou is, finally,
     making this size again!      

 17 available - $275 Medium+ Toast

30 Liter /
 7.9 Gallon

26 lbs

22" x 16"
Shipping Size
1 available - $275
Medium+ Toast
(with sampling hole and spigot)

15 available - $
Medium+ Toast

50 Liter /

13.2 Gallon

35 lbs

         26" x 20"          Shipping Size 

15 available - $4
Medium+ Toast

Steel Rack for 50L, Burgundy Color, Powder Coated - $115
110 Liter /
 29 Gallon

 Bordeaux Style

55 lbs

34" x 24"
Shipping Size


 25 available - $595 Medium+ Toast

Steel Rack for 110L, Burgundy Color, Powder Coated - $150

9.25% sales tax added to in-state orders.

The above barrels are at our Woodland Hills, Ca. location, for your pickup.

Barrels to be shipped elsewhere, will be prepared as below and then shipped to you at whatever UPS charges for their weight/size.

Just give us 1 week to prepare your barrels.

Our price includes external preparation with:

Before use, You , will need to soak them internally with hot water until watertight.


When the time comes to store your barrels empty, after use,
do the following to insure that your barrel doesn't go bacterial.

TECHNIQUE #1 TECHNIQUE #2   TECHNIQUE #3 (not recommended for barrels smaller than 110 liter)  

"The best way to keep a barrel sound,……is to keep it full of wine."

When full of wine, you'll keep an eye on your barrel, topping it regularly with more wine.

Most people loose their barrels (even while they are filled with sulfite/citric storage solution),

because they think that having a life is more important than regular topping.

Whether filled with wine or sulfite/citric storage solution, keep your barrels full, right up against the bung.

Do this topping: 110L- every three weeks; 50L- every two weeks; 30L- every week.


To order your super-premium French Oak Barrels , check for pricing and availability, above.

Then call us at  818-884-8586

No e-mail ordering.

All major credit cards accepted.

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