This Safale US-05 dried ale yeast is a dried American Ale Yeast, reputed to be similar to our 1056 ale yeast strain. This ready-to-pitch dry yeast offers low diacetyl for well-balanced ales. One of our favorite dry yeasts, this one produces a very clean flavor.







A dry ale yeast derived from the Whitbread strain. Popular with ale brewers who use dry yeast. High flocculation, attenuation: 70-75%.  


This dry wheat beer yeast is a specialty yeast selected for wheat beer fermentation. The yeast claims to produce subtle ester and phenol flavors notes typical of wheat beers. We find this yeast to produce a slightly smoother wheat beer than Danstar Munich (our item Y14). Sedimentation low, final gravity on the high side. Ideal temperature range: 59-75 degrees F.


A dry lager yeast that produces a lager with a slightly fruity flavor.   Medium  flocculation, attenuation 73-77%.  11.5 gram pack

This dry ale yeast has a dry estery flavor profile that is suitable for Belgian or wheat beers. This is one of our favorites for brewing wheat beer and Belgian ale styles. Medium flocculation, attenuation: 71-75%. 10 gram pack is good for pitching 5 gallons.